Top Restaurants in Nashville for Hosting Private Dinner Meetings

Nashville’s calling and its popularity is soaring! It seems like everywhere you turn the city of Nashville has been declared the top this or best that. Located on the Cumberland River, the city of Nashville has been cultivated from a history immersed in music and a culture created from its diversity. Home to numerous fine dining establishments it has quickly become a must-visit destination in the US and the reason why meeting planners are taking note and planning meetings and events there. When it comes to venue site selections for private dinner meetings, look no further. We have compiled a list in alphabetical order of the Top Restaurants in Nashville for Hosting Private Dinner Meetings: (Click or scroll down for more information) 1808 Grille Cabana Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar Husk Restaurant Maggiano’s Little Italy Morton’s The Steakhouse The Palm Restaurant Prima Ruth’s Chris Steak House Sinema Restaurant & Bar The Southern Steak & Oyster Stoney River Steakhouse and Grill How do we know this? In 2004, we began providing onsite meeting management services in Nashville and have been fortunate to work in many of its eating establishments. Managing private dinner meetings in these restaurants has provided us with key insight into which ones work best for these types of meetings and why. For the last 13 years, we’ve been collecting valuable data provided to us from our meeting professionals who have worked in these restaurants. We analyze their reviews and rating scores with criteria deemed vital when planning a private dinner meeting. A sample of these considerations include: aesthetics of private dining room, making note of its... read more

Meet Our Member – Vegas Style

We realize and appreciate the incredible talent we have pooled together in our nationwide network of meeting professionals. Because of this, I thought it would be interesting to showcase some of that expertise in a new blog series entitled “Meet Our Member”.  I hope that by sharing this information, you are provided with insight into what our members experience working in the meeting and event management industry. To begin, I thought we’d venture out west and even though the old saying goes, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, in this case we’re going to share! I’ve had the privilege of working with this incredible meeting professional since 2007 and a few years ago, while visiting Vegas, I was fortunate to meet her in person. She’s a skilled and experienced pro who continuously ensures the success of the meetings and events she manages. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Kathy.  Having lived in Las Vegas all your life, what do you enjoy most about the area? I enjoy so many things about it, let’s start with the weather. Although it’s extremely hot for several months during the year, I remind people that the airport, transportation vehicles, hotels, restaurants and theaters are all air-conditioned, so unless they plan on staying outdoors the entire time they are here, they will not suffer from the heat. Also, I love the entertainment here which is coupled by the fact that we live in a town that is open 24 hours a day! You can virtually go shopping or do whatever you want whenever you want. I’ve traveled the world and there are many... read more

Best Restaurants for Dinner Meetings in Las Vegas

Are you planning on hosting a private dinner meeting in Las Vegas in the coming months? Well, there’s good news because we’re able offer guidance when tackling the site selection process. We’ve collected valuable information meeting planners will find useful when looking to contract with a Las Vegas restaurant. Listed at a glance in alphabetical order, here are the top restaurants for hosting a private dinner meeting in Las Vegas: (Click or scroll down for more information) The Capital Grill Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar – Summerlin Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar – Town Square Maggiano’s Little Italy – Las Vegas McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant Morton’s Steakhouse Roy’s Restaurant Over the past 13 years, GCG Event Partners has been providing onsite meeting management services in Las Vegas, managing corporate dinner meetings on behalf of our clients. It’s the local meeting professionals we contract with to manage these dinner meetings, who have given us detailed feedback based on specific criteria we’ve requested. These reviews then grant us key insight into the service a venue provides for these types of dinner meetings. Primary examples of what is included in a venue evaluation include: aesthetics of private dining room including its location within the restaurant how the dining room accommodations fit the meeting’s requirements availability for registration set-up and whether space is provided inside or outside of meeting room attentiveness from restaurant management quality of the food and beverage performance of wait staff convenience of travel to venue location and parking options Businesses across all industries rely heavily on the ability to host... read more

Top Restaurants to Host Medical Dinner Meetings in NYC

Because the venue is your attendees’ first impression of what to expect from your medical dinner meeting, selecting one can prove to be a difficult task. GCG Event Partners has alleviated that challenge by providing you with a resourceful list of the Best Restaurants in New York City to Host your next Medical Dinner Meeting. Since we believe all of these restaurants will suit your needs well, we have listed them here in alphabetical order: (Click or scroll down for more information) Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse Brassiere 8.5 Carmine’s Charlie Palmer Steak NY King’s Carriage House Morton’s The Steakhouse Osteria Cotta Palm Restaurant – Tribeca Parlor Steak & Fish Ruth’s Chris Steak House State Grill & Bar Criteria  We compiled a list of key factors that meeting planners consider most important when contracting with a restaurant for a dinner meeting. We then compared those factors against the thousands of restaurant reviews we have collected. Some of the notable attributes that helped each restaurant find its spot on our list include: Suitable, closed-off private dining room space with flexible room set-up options Registration accommodations set outside of the private dining room or well-situated inside the room Superior quality of food and beverage Exceptional service with an attentive staff Restaurant management’s adherence to Pharma regulations Convenient location with access to parking and transportation services Appropriate room acoustics for AV and/or Speaker presentation How Were These Venues Chosen? Since 2003, GCG Event Partners has been providing onsite meeting management services in New York City. During this time, we have had the privilege of working in a large number of its local restaurants,... read more

Getting Your CMP Certificate; Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that according to the US Department of Labor, occupations within the meeting and conventions industry are projected to undergo the highest percentage of growth compared across all industry types within the next decade? Incredible news, right? Well, maybe it’s time to consider whether or not you’re ready to start preparations for earning a CMP certification. Having been created by a group of meeting professionals located around the world in 1985, the CMP certification was designed to identify a way to unify the meeting planning industry by implementing standard operating procedures. In doing so, the certification promotes and further enhances the meeting planning profession and simply said, its credibility. I had the pleasure of speaking with Ellen Maiara, CMP, and a distinguished member of the GCG Event Partners Network and Chief Solutions Officer at Event Solutions Management, to get her take on recent trends in CMP test enrollment. According to Ellen, the state of the economy directly affects the number of candidates that apply for certification. When business is booming, meeting planners are busy and preoccupied managing their workload. When the economy slows down, its proven to be a reflective time, a time when meeting planners are afforded an opportunity to think about updating their resumes, continuing their education and perhaps adding a CMP designation to their professional credentials. So… are you ready to take the leap? Do you possess the professional and practical experience required in order to apply to take the exam? Applying for approval to take the CMP test is a process in and of itself! It’s wise that you carefully review all of the... read more

What a Venue Site Inspection Can Do for You

A meeting planner’s to-do list is as long as it is arduous, however, there are a few tasks that can be delegated right from the get-go. Let’s imagine that the big undertaking of selecting the destination city you’re going to host your upcoming event has been taken care of. The next important decision you’re faced with is selecting a venue. Given the many factors you’ll need to consider, its key to create a well-thought out plan to determine if a venue is in alignment with the overall concept and specifications required for your event. When deciding on where to host your event, nothing can take the place of being physically present to view the property and take in all of its nuances with a discriminating eye for detail. Online web research is helpful, but unfortunately it can only get you so far. When circumstances prevent you from being able to visit a venue in person, whether it be due to budget constraints and/or a busy work schedule, there’s a viable option out there for you. And why not take advantage of a task that can be delegated by hiring a local meeting professional to complete a venue site inspection on your behalf? For the sake of this blog, let’s call this person a Local Venue Site Inspector. What is a Local Venue Site Inspector you ask? Well, the term refers to a meeting professional who lives in close proximity to the venues you’re interested in hosting your event. This person will visit the venues and serve as your local representation on the ground, performing as an extension of you.... read more

Making Yourself More Valuable to the Client

Have you ever been asked to bus the tables at an event you’re working, empty the trash cans, or load boxes into a client’s car?  I have.  Was it in the job description?  Of course not, at least not for the Onsite Meeting Planner that was needed for that particular med-pharma group, but I did it anyway and I’m betting you would too.  Why?  Because as planners there’s an unwritten rule that comes with the territory – “other jobs as needed”.  Let’s face it, we are the warrior worker bees that – assuming you have the right attitude and physical ability – will do whatever it takes to get the job done.  We planners are oh-so-satisfied when the job is completed and the client gives us a hearty handshake or meaningful hug and says, “You were awesome! I hope to be able to work with you on our next event!” That’s when we have a ‘Sally Field moment’ as our sub-conscious gushes, “They like me!  They REALLY LIKE ME!” And many times it’s those small bits of acknowledgment that keeps us going long after the show-time of the daily work world ends.  But how can we keep those accolades coming time and time again?  By proving your value to each and every client, no matter what they ask of you.  (Oh, and bonus points if you do it with a smile and some enthusiasm.) You hear a lot of people asking ‘what’s your secret sauce for that success?’ now and honestly, I don’t think there’s any secret to providing good service! As temporary onsite meeting planners, we have so... read more

Vendor Relationships and Responsiveness

Spring is upon us! Well, almost. With 2016 well underway, people have returned from the long mental checkout of the holidays and are fully back in the swing of things. That means events, events, and more events. The routine of once-again refreshing the vendor list and inserting photographer tab A into event slot B is back up and running. What makes a trusted planner is the track record of great events they’ve put on, but dig deeper, and it’s the vendors who are the parts who create the sum. People remember specifics from events…the decor, the food, the music, the knick-knacks, the gaudy outfits, the great speeches. All of these components have someone behind the curtain, and chances are, you’ve used them in a repeat capacity since they’ve been reliable, well-received and on-point. While most people focus on the vendor’s duty to keep the planner happy so they stay on the vendor list, the responsibility of the planner to keep the vendor happy is very much underestimated. Dig deeper into the vendor-planner relationship and a specific trouble point crops up over and over again – responsiveness. Too often, a planner doesn’t get up to date feedback from a client, and therefore leaves the vendor hanging out to dry. This lack of communication and real-time feedback puts the vendor in a bad place, and makes it difficult for them to commit to an event. In worst cases, this state of limbo forces them to lose out on other jobs as they wait for answers that never show up on time. Therefore, in order to keep vendors happy and keep your... read more

5 Tips to Follow When Hiring Local Event Staff

The dawning of a new year is a welcome opportunity to look at your current vendor partnerships and seek ways to optimize how they can better work for you.  It’s a perfect time to reflect on what you’ve done in the past when planning your events and then resolve to make those processes easier for yourself.  Consider delegating some tasks and you’ll undoubtedly reduce stress and anxiety. Given my experience in serving as the liaison between my clients and their contracted local onsite staff, I know there are proven, efficient ways of navigating this partnership. One of the greatest benefits of hiring a local event professional is that you’re now part of a team. You can entrust this person to be accountable to you and responsible for the tasks at hand. Over the years, I’ve learned there are definite best practices that will ensure you have the support you need and provide you with the greatest return on your investment.  Here, let’s start at the beginning. Develop a Plan and Ask Yourself Questions. Why you are hiring local staff? How can you best utilize this assistance? What are your expectations? What tasks would you like for your local staff to help you with? Make Lists and Check them… Twice! Organization is essential to the success of your event. Create a timeline for what you want to accomplish and when so that you can share this information with your temporary meeting professional (securing the venue, inviting guests, monitoring registration, speaker travel, BEO preparations… etc.). Be sure to set realistic expectations with your checklist because we all know that anything done... read more

It’s THAT Time Again: 4 Tips to Follow When Considering Your On-Site Management Needs This Fall

September Morn… ah, that’s one of my late father-in-law’s favorite songs. I can hear it in my head now even as I just say those words. Neil Diamond sure had it right when he sang about the feelings that a brisk September morning can conjure up. The whimsical freedom of summer is slowly fading and a frenzy of fall contracts is beckoning. It’s September, and that means it’s time for us all to get back to business! Although in the world of event planning, the actual planning component never really takes a vacation, the execution aspect picks up pretty significantly in the fall. Med Ed Companies have grant money to spend before the end of the year, Entertainment Companies have block buster movies to premiere and Home Consultants Companies have annual product launches to introduce to the world.  The pace in the world of event planning takes on new life in the fall and this is where onsite management services come in to play… and where they help you shine! Take a look at these tips aimed at assisting you when hiring onsite meeting professionals: Identify your needs. Depending on the onsite responsibilities you require, determine if you are you seeking a full-service meeting planner or just a second set of hands to work with you onsite. Are you looking for someone that will be your local feet on the ground at the event, someone who will ensure what you have planned is carried out as if you were onsite orchestrating the event yourself? Perhaps you’re looking for staff to assist with registration. A large group of attendees converging on a registration... read more

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