Case Study

Regional Trade Shows

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Case Study

Regional Trade Shows

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Saving Time and Money Utilizing Trade Show Professionals

Hiring Experienced Professionals Makes Sense and Saves Cents

Tim was looking for a way to ensure all of his trade show booths were both effective and cost efficient.

Tim runs a local franchise of the Window Wonders organization. They specialize in replacement windows for residential homes. Over the summer Tim’s franchise is scheduled to participate in 15 trade shows in the area to generate leads for his business.

Attending these trade shows was a new venture for Tim, so he was unsure where to begin. His original plan was to bring his staff to the shows to manage the booths, but in the early stages he realized he couldn’t afford to be without his staff in the office for a good portion of the summer. His next thought was to see if he could find local staffing agencies located in the cities where the shows were taking place, but he quickly found that every company operated differently and didn’t necessarily have personnel that could effectively represent his company at a trade show. On top of that, it would be very time consuming keeping up with all the different terms, conditions, and pricing at the various staffing companies.

GCG Event Partners was able to meet all of Tim’s needs with one-stop shopping. Not only was GCG able to provide experienced Trade Show Professionals at all of the venues, they hand- selected professionals who were able to accomplish everything Tim needed. They could set up and tear down his pop-up booths, be the face of Window Wonders at the trade show, capture leads from interested attendees and easily relay all the lead information back to Tim. Plus, GCG could do this with the same pricing, terms, and conditions at each location. The communication and the process for setting up each trade show location was the same everywhere; saving Tim precious time.

Because they were free from attending trade shows, Tim and his staff were able to concentrate on closing leads and installing windows, thus leading to more business. GCG’s professionalism prompted Tim to recommend their services to other Window Wonders franchises, and since GCG is a national organization, they now work with several Window Wonders franchises across the US.

Needs to Address:
  • Staff for multiple booths for a series of trade shows
  • Booth set-up and tear-down
  • Booth coverage during the show
  • Collection of information from interested show attendees
  • Consistency with how each show is handled
  • Eliminate time spent travelling to and attending trade shows
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15 Trade Shows

3 Months

0 Window Wonders Staff Needed

GCG Event Partners Trade Show Staff is there to represent you

Providing The Right Staff:

GCG’s national network is made up of over 3,000 event professionals which enables them to provide a perfect match for every job.

For Window Wonders, GCG:

  • Hand-selected the best available local trade show professional based each show’s requirements
  • Provided Window Wonders with 24-hour access to all of their event criteria via a client portal
  • Secured the same event professionals when possible to establish consistency
  • Welcomed and responded to all feedback to ensure the best possible service
GCG Solutions:
  • Experienced personnel for every Window Wonders trade show
  • Booth set-up and tear-down at each location
  • Professional booth coverage for the duration of each trade show
  • Collection of information from interested show attendees (leads)
  • Continued communication between Trade Show Professionals and Window Wonders
  • No time out of the office for the Window Wonders staff
  • Consistent billing and terms for every trade show regardless of location
  • Access to information on each trade show professional on GCG’s client portal
  • Money saved that would have been otherwise spent on Window Wonders travel expenses
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*Personal and company names have been changed to protect our client’s identities.

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