Virtual Meeting Moderators

Trustworthy. Experienced. Dependable.

The Virtual Meeting Moderator plays an active role in a virtual meeting. They will orchestrate and lead the discussion between the audience participants and the speaker during live sessions.

They are proficient with technology being utilized and are responsible for keeping to the meeting’s time allotment. At the end of the session, the moderator may ask audience questions from either what has been entered on the platform’s chat box feature or directly to the speakers during the presentation.

Here are some of the tasks our Virtual Meeting Moderators can assist with prior to and during the meeting:

  • Set-up and manage breakout rooms
  • Record the meeting for access later for you or those who registered but were not able to attend
  • Welcome the participants
  • Serve as the MC to engage attendees, host and speakers
  • Orient the group to the technology platform
  • Guide the discussion through the virtual event
  • Confirm the participants’ technology is working properly
  • Manage slide presentations
  • Mute and unmute participants
  • Launch polls
  • Keep track of time
  • Q&A: Collect questions throughout the conference, sort through and send privately to speaker, or announce questions as necessary
  • Close polls
  • Provide a recap of the meeting’s content and success to help planning for future conferences
Webinars, Medical Meetings, Trade Shows, Lectures, Demos, Presentations, Concerts, Weddings, Ad Boards, Speaker Trainings, Conventions, Speaker Bureau Programs, Corporate Meetings, Pharma Meetings, Memorial Services, College Fairs, Charity Events, Fundraisers