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Professionals For Your Video Conference.

These days, more and more companies are turning to video conferencing. Some of this was planned, but many have been forced into this due to restrictions on in-person meetings. Whether an event was initially planned as an online meeting or it had to be switched from an in-person meeting, we are here to help.

Below are some of the things our Virtual Meeting Professionals can assist with:

  • Set up your virtual conference (we’ll figure out your needs and which platform and program is the best match)
  • Set up registration for speakers, panelists, exhibitors, attendees
  • Send out email invitations
  • Set up panelists invites, compile slides in advance; then day of, coordinate between the speaker(s), manage slides presentation, unmuting specific individuals as needed
  • Set up exhibitor halls, send out invites, set up appointment calendar, make sure they have everything they need
  • Set up/manage breakout rooms
  • Day of: Handle any tech issues throughout the conference
  • Q&A: Collect questions throughout conference, sort through and send privately to speaker, or can announce questions as necessary
  • Polls: Set up questions to ask your attendees during the conference
  • Reports: See the list of attendees, poll results
  • Record your conference to access later for you or those who registered but could not attend
  • Recap your meeting to help planning for future conferences

The meetings and events industry took a very large hit due to COVID-19. Many planners were thrust into managing a whole new type of event. Video conferences can be as simple as a call between friends, but often to run a successful meeting or conference online, there are a lot more details to take into account. All of these aspects need to be managed live while the conference is taking place. It can be much more than a meeting planner can handle on their own. Planners are looking for help.

As always, GCG Event Partners is here for every event, everywhere, every time. From within our network of members, we are able to match planners with professionals that have the necessary video conferencing skills. Planners don’t have to go it alone. Whether looking for someone to manage an entire video conference or personnel to help with different aspects of an event, we are here to help.

Our Virtual Meeting Professionals are also members of our On-Site Professionals network, so when live, in-person meetings are back in style, we are ready.