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Saving Time and Money Utilizing Trade Show Professionals

Reducing Your Budget With Trade Show Professionals

Reliable Restoration was sending staff to every trade show and needed a way to cut back on expenses.

Katie at Reliable Restoration was in charge of the event planning team. In previous years, Reliable Restoration had 32 trade shows per year that lasted an average of 5 days each. Katie’s team had been traveling to each trade show to ensure things were going as planned.

Stricken with increasing travel expenses, Katie needed to find a way to get her budget under control. Not having a booth at the trade shows was not an option because they produced too many viable leads for the company. She came across GCG Event Partners and was able to completely change their trade show model, saving both time and money while maintaining their ability to acquire leads.

She ended up finding a way to help Reliable Restoration bring in more new businessAfter listening to Katie’s needs, GCG was able to ease her concerns. To begin, GCG was able to fix Reliable Restoration’s budget problems. Utilizing GCG’s local Trade Show Professionals saved them about $500 per trade show. The savings proved to be much more in larger cities where flights, lodging, and meals were more expensive. GCG was able to help lower the cost for each trade show they participated in across the country. Because GCG was able to provided the cost for Trade Show Professionals (TSPs) nationwide, budgetary planning became much easier.

GCG also gave Katie’s team a solution for every one of her trade shows. GCG guaranteed experienced TSPs for any venue in the U.S. This allowed Katie and her team to remain in the office, which lead to more productivity and efficiency. With the planning team able to remain back at the office and money freed up from travel expenses, Reliable Restoration was able to take part in more trade shows which produced more leads for the company.

Katie’s ability to produce more leads and generate more revenue for Reliable Restoration was an incredible discovery. A mission to reduce travel expenses brought Katie to GCG, but she ended up finding a way to help Reliable Restoration bring in more new business.

Needs to Address:
  • Reduce Travel Expenses
  • Staff Booths in Multiple States
  • Secure Consistent Staff for Multiple Day Trade Shows
  • Easier Budgeting for All Shows
  • Accurately Collect and Report All Lead Information
  • Reduce Staff Time Out of the Office
image of trade show floor

5 Days Per Trade Show

32 Different Cities

160 Days Out Of The Office

Saving Reliable Restoration $16,000

Save money by using freelance trade show professionals

*The costs above are averages based on nationwide overnight travel to a 5-day trade show

GCG Event Partners was able to save Reliable Restoration about $500 per trade show on average. With 32 trade shows during the course of the year, that’s a savings of $16,000.

GCG’s Solutions:
  • Elimination of all travel expenses
  • Nationwide, Experienced Trade Show Professionals
  • Professionals Hired for the Duration of all Trade Shows
  • Eliminating the Guess Work From Budgeting
  • Updates and Leads Relayed to the Contact in the Office
  • Guaranteed Fulfilment Meaning Katie’s Team Can Stay in the Office

Providing The Right Staff:

GCG’s national network is made up of over 3,000 event professionals which enables them to provide a perfect match for every job.

For Reliable Restoration, GCG:

  • Hand-selected the best available local trade show professional based each show’s requirements
  • Provided Reliable Restoration with 24-hour access to all of their event criteria via a client portal
  • Secured the same event professionals when possible to establish consistency
  • Welcomed and responded to all feedback to ensure the best possible service


*Personal and company names have been changed to protect our client’s identities.

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