Case Study

Quality Leads To Quantity

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Case Study

Quality Leads To Quantity

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Generate More New Business Using Trade Show Professionals

Issues to Resolve:
  • Disinterested Booth Staff
  • Weak Lead Production
  • Unpredictable Office Schedules
  • Insufficient Office Coverage
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GCG is now handling all of Fortified Foundations’ events

Quality Leads To Quantity

When outsourcing, Jennifer spends a little more money upfront, but sees a dramatic increase in leads and sales.

Jennifer is in charge of generating new business for Fortified Foundations. After taking a serious look at the company’s trade show and exhibit efforts, she discovered there were some underlying issues preventing them from netting the return they wanted from their efforts.

The component that seemed to be tripping them was the staff. They had been sending office staff to each event and it was a constant struggle to figure out who would remain in the office and who would assist at an event. This in turn created a backlog of work which led to in office frustration. The problems on location at the events themselves were even worse. The staff were not enthusiastic, did not try to draw people into the booths, and overall, were just not proactive in generating new leads. The TSPs are proving to be trustworthy, energetic and competitive. They have been successful producing more leads than previous events.As further proof of this, Jennifer was sent a picture of a staff member actually taking a nap in one of their booths.

By outsourcing to GCG Event Partners, Jennifer solved all of her problems. She came to realize she didn’t need booth staff that were experts in foundation repair, she needed people who were going to represent her company professionally and generate interest from potential clients. GCG delivered on that and changed the way Fortified Foundations approached their events.

In 2018, GCG’s Trade Show Professionals (TSPs) managed every one of Jennifer’s events, which provided several benefits. First, Jennifer’s team was now able to remain in the office increasing productivity at the home base. More importantly, the trade shows and events produced more leads and new business for the company. The TSPs proved to be  trustworthy, energetic and competitive. They were successful producing more leads than previous events. For example, an event in Indianapolis produced about 100 leads in 2017. In 2018, that same event staffed with GCG’s TSPs more than doubled that number, producing 265 leads.

Compared with sending her own staff to events, it costs a little more to outsource. However, the measurable increase in leads and new business prove to be well worth the expense. Fortified Foundations has been so happy with the results that they continue to increase the amount of shows they attend.

Fortified Foundations Is Producing More Leads And Going To More Shows

Year Over Year Leads From Indianapolis Event
Working with GCG resulted in a 165% increase in leads from this event
Poor performance was not justifying the cost of attending trade shows

  • Jennifer was faced with the prospect of reducing the number of shows they attended

Outsourcing their staffing needs to GCG Event Partners lead to increases in leads and new business

  • Fortified Foundations is now planning on exhibiting at many more events in the future
GCG’s Solutions:
  • Experienced Trade Show And Event Professionals
  • Hand-Picked Professionals Based on Requirements
  • Guaranteed Fulfillment Meaning Jennifer’s Team Stays Stay in the Office
  • Nationwide Network Covering ANY U.S. Venue
  • 24 Access to All GCG Professionals
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*Personal and company names have been changed to protect our client’s identities.

Jennifer’s Team Can Manage All Trade Show Professionals Online
  • GCG’s placement team hand selects each trade show professional for every one of Jennifer’s events based on her needs
  • Jennifer is easily able to track the information on all GCG professionals 24 hours a day through GCG’s client portal
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