Venue Site Inspections

Travel-free site inspections conducted by local Meeting and Event Planners make your life easier

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What Can A Local Site Inspector Do?

The role of a local Venue Site Inspector is to act as you at the venue while eliminating your need to travel there. Armed with all the specifics needed for your event, the Venue Site Inspector goes onsite to check everything out. Here a some of the things they can do for you:

  • Evaluate if the venue’s meeting space is adequate for your specific event
  • Send you photos and videos of the venue, meeting space, registration area… etc
  • Determine if the meeting space layout is optimal for today’s standards
  • Locate the break-out rooms and their proximity to the general session room
  • Discuss AV needs with in-house or preferred providers
  • Confirm availability and use of internet access
  • Determine optimal location for registration area
  • Locate elevators in relation to meeting space and guest rooms
  • Determine parking accommodations at the venue and nearby parking garages and lots (designated parking lot, self-pay, valet…)
  • Tour the guest rooms
  • Clock the travel time and distance between the venue and closest airport
  • Review the cleanliness practices adopted by the venue in relation to updated standards
Local Onsite Professional conducting a site inspection
We understand that selecting a venue is one of the most important decisions to make. With so many factors to consider, a venue site inspection is key in that process and a web search can only provide so much insight. Since 2003, we have successfully saved our clients thousands of dollars by serving as a local presence on the ground.

Nationwide Coverage

GCG Event Partners has a network consisting of thousands of Meeting and Event Planners across the country. Wherever your event may be in the U.S., we can provide a local planner to visit the venue and make sure it meets your specifications.