Permanent Meeting Planners

Per•ma•nent Place•ment Mee•ting Plan•ners / pur-muh-nuh nt pleys-muh nt mee-ting plan-ers/– noun: 1. Experienced meeting professionals hired to either handle all of your meeting planning needs or become a part of your meeting planning team. 2. Individuals working either at an office or remotely who plan and coordinate meetings, conferences, conventions, trade shows, or any type of event. 3. A member or colleague of GCG Event Partners carefully selected, using your criteria to step into your team, either in person or virtually, to manage, coordinate, or plan meetings and events. – Synonyms: Meeting Planners, Event Planners, Project Managers, Team Members -Related Forms: Meeting Planner.

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Benefits of GCG Event Partners Permanent Meeting Planners:

Professional, Experienced Meeting Planners

You’ll be able to select from an extensive database of professional meeting planners from across the country, We offer qualified and experienced professionals from across the meeting planning industry.

Pre-Screened Members with a Track Record of Success

All meeting professionals are pre-screened to ensure they meet GCG Event Partners professional standards. We continuously review and monitor our members, ensuring that they have a track record of success. Through GCG Event Partners, you will be connected with the most qualified Meeting Planner available.

Dedicated Team Caring for You and Your Needs

We take the time to understand your company and your specific needs so that your dedicated GCG Event Partners Placement Specialist will carefully match your plans and goals with the ideal Permanent Placement Meeting Planner.

Did You Know?

Lori, our President, started out as a teacher.

Did You Know?

Allan, our Vice President, is a home improvement specialist and can fix almost any problem you might find in a house.

Did You Know?

Lori, our President, was a ski bum in Breckenridge, Colorado just before launching her Meeting Planning business.

Did You Know?

Our staff are dog lovers and they often bring their dogs to work with them.

Did You Know?

Michelle, our Placement Services Manager, loves boating with her family.

Did You Know?

Our staff really enjoy working at GCG Event Partners. The average tenure is currently 10.5 years!