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Written by Lori Gershaw

Lori Gershaw started her career in the event industry in 1989 as an Independent Meeting Planner and grew her business into a full-service meeting planning company.   In 2003 she founded her second company, GCG Event Partners, a nationwide network of Independent Meeting Planners and On-Site Meeting Managers.

April 24, 2013

Welcome to the new GCG Event Partners Blog —GCG Meeting Point.  As a network of On-Site Meeting Managers and Independent Meeting Planners, we will be bringing you key topics relevant to our industry. We invite you to engage, share ideas, make comments, discuss topics, and debate issues with us as part of a casual, fun dialogue (and hopefully enlightening and educational at times as well).

We anticipate an audience from all ends of the spectrum, from seasoned Meeting Planners to those in training, and welcome vendors, hoteliers, travel professionals and everyone in between to join our discussion.  This will be a place where you can come to find some camaraderie and relax for a bit.  Sometimes being an independent meeting planner and working from home, as many of us do, can be a lonely job.  Here you will find a group of like-minded friends and colleagues.

As On-Site Managers and Independent Meeting Planners you’ve likely battled any number of situations that would be helpful if shared with others.  Or maybe you just have a funny story that would bring a smile to industry colleagues.  If you’d like to share your wisdom or wit on a relevant topic, please submit a 250 – 500 word blog post for our review to

We won’t be pushing any services on you and we request thesame in return.  Soliciting business or advertising your services is frowned upon.  And because we want to keep the tone positive, we ask that you not share negative comments regarding vendors, venues, or other meeting planners.

We value your input and suggestions because we want to continually make this a better and more enriching resource for you.  Thank you for stopping by, and we hope you visit – and engage – often.

Group of Onsite Professionals

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