Wondering Where to Host Your Next Event? Think Experiential!

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Written by Cara O'Neill

Cara O’Neill is a Project Manager at GCG Event Partners where she has happily set up shop for over 15 years. Her professional background may be in the meeting & event industry; however, she enjoys the multi-tasking involved in her day-to-day operations contributing to marketing GCG and the many services it provides.

September 4, 2018

Are you looking to transform your next event into something that will excite your attendees and leave a lasting impression? Think “Experiential”… that’s the buzzword redefining how and where meetings and events are being held. Now don’t get me wrong, savvy event planners have long been hosting events in non-traditional spaces. What’s interesting about this fairly new business concept is that demand has truly necessitated a change in how we do things in order to meet the marketplace’s ever-changing needs.

When meeting and event planners expressed a desire to find an easy way to move their events out of traditional meeting spaces, eCommerce exploded and offered just that. It’s a niche service, designed to address those exact challenges. What used to be a long and arduous contractual process to secure space has now been replaced by the simplicity of digitizing the experience right at your fingertips. The development of unique venue providing companies is the brainchild of forward thinkers whose aim it is to attract meeting planners bored with contracting their events in conventional spaces. The business model focuses on the premise that hosting an event in a non-traditional event space recharges attendee concentration, sparks creativity, increases productivity and inspires; that’s quite a tall order! The competition to acquire your business in booking these creative havens is increasing and these companies can offer you countless types of spaces, many of which you would not have considered, but now makes perfect sense. Consider for a moment hosting your event in an art gallery, baseball field, roof top loft, movie theater, winery and what that looks like. That’s thinking outside the box. There are so many new and innovative venue options to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Coupled with that is you can now gain access to them simply by using this simple curation, rendering this service worthy of consideration.

Many of the unique venue providing companies offer space rental by the hour, requiring a minimum number of hours be contracted. And while some of these companies offer rental space only, others go over and above, connecting you with adjunct services including event staffing, audio visual services, catering, and equipment rentals; a pretty turn-key operation. The suppliers they partner with to provide these additional services are vetted which eases the whole booking process so you don’t have to research and secure these additional services on your own.

Whether you are in the market for trying something new for corporate events or looking to rent a space for lively social events like parties and gatherings, you’re sure to find what you need with many of the companies that provide the service.

Check out the comprehensive alphabetical list of Unique Venue Providing Companies we’ve heard buzz about:

  1. Bizly
  2. BreatherFind Unique Venues
  3. Convene
  4. EVENTup
  5. eVenues
  6. Giggster
  7. Groupize
  8. Kapow
  9. LiquidSpace
  10. Peerspace
  11. ShareMySpace
  12. Spacebase
  13. Splacer
  14. Suits & Tables
  15. thisopenspace
  16. Unique Venues
  17. VenueBook
  18. We Work

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