The Top 5 Reasons You Need to Hire an On-Site Meeting Professional


Written by Cara O'Neill

Cara O’Neill is a Project Manager at GCG Event Partners where she has happily set up shop for over 15 years. Her professional background may be in the meeting & event industry; however, she enjoys the multi-tasking involved in her day-to-day operations contributing to marketing GCG and the many services it provides.

December 18, 2017

If you’ve ever been responsible for planning and executing an event, you know the to-do list can be daunting. There’s list upon list of what needs to be completed in preparation for event day. Have you ever wished you could be two places at the same time so that you could manage all that needs to be done in a timely and efficient manner? Well, this can be your new reality. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you can partner with highly qualified event professionals whose on-site management services will make your job, and life for that matter, much easier.

Event ManagementIn the meeting and event industry, there exists reputable networks of highly skilled and talented meeting professionals who are available to you and who can partner with you on your next event. These networks are made up of knowledgeable professionals who are adept at managing all your onsite needs. Not only are they experienced facilitators, they’re a local presence who know the area where your event is being held.

One of the greatest benefits of hiring a local event professional is that you’re now part of a team. You can entrust your onsite professional to be accountable to you, serve as an extension of you and execute the responsibilities you’ve assigned them. The very first step in hiring a temporary event professional is to determine what your onsite needs are. What kind of assistance are you seeking? Are you looking to hire a full-service meeting planner, or someone to step in for you and ensure what you have planned is carried out as if you were onsite yourself? Perhaps you’re looking for someone to work alongside you, serving as an extra set of hands.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons why you should consider hiring an On-Site Meeting Professional for your next event:

  1. When it comes to hiring a local meeting professional, you’ll save time and money. No longer will you need to budget for travel expenses and hotel accommodations. There’s no need for you to spend valuable time out of the office which frees up your schedule to tackle other pressing projects. When you commit to hiring temporary event assistance you’ll see a positive return on your investment. You’re not tied to long term hiring contracts, nor do you have to add someone to your payroll. Simply consider the number of hours and days you’d like to hire someone and that’s it. Problem solved.
  1. The fact that your event staff is local to the area is incredibly beneficial. Local event professionals know the area, they’re familiar with the city, its surroundings and can serve as a local concierge of sorts. Need to know where the city’s art museum is, how to get to the nearest train station, or simply where to find the best local Sushi restaurant? Your event professional is a valuable resource of information regarding what’s available in the area. If there are specific places or things you would like your hired meeting professional to be able to relay to your attendees, it’s coming from someone that can provide additional back-up information as well. Relay your specific needs to your event professional and it’s as good as done.
  1. Pre-event preparations are finalized and checked off your to-do list. Consider what hiring an onsite event professional offers you in advance of the meeting. We know that the overall success of an event depends on the preliminary work tackled in advance of the event. You and your event professional can speak and correspond before you work onsite together so objectives and plans are shared and understood in advance. The meeting’s flow of events, agenda, catering and BEO information are all open for discussion. This is usually where you are free to delegate some of the responsibilities included on a pre-event checklist. If you have materials or shipments that need to be sent to your venue location, your meeting professional can assist you with tracking and confirmation of delivery.
  1. Event day arrives and everything is under control. Your meeting professional will handle the onsite meeting logistics including checking the meeting space’s configuration and preparing the registration space. If AV has been ordered, it can be received, reviewed for the order’s accuracy and checked to make sure it is working properly. If food and beverage will be a part of your meeting, the BEO can be reviewed with the venue contact or caterer and time flow can be discussed. Your meeting professional can set out meeting materials at designated place settings and prepare for the attendees’ arrival. Your speaker, third party vendors and attendees will appreciate your attention to detail for having hired an on-site meeting professional to greet them and serve as their point of contact.Once the attendees arrive at the venue, your meeting professional can manage registration and hand-out meeting materials. When the meeting is set to begin, your meeting professional can address the audience, offering welcoming remarks and share announcements. When you’re not on-site, it’s understood how important it is that you are aware of what’s taking place, so your meeting professional can provide you with real-time updates, keeping you informed and appraised of how things are going.
  1. The meeting is over and you’re almost done. Your onsite meeting professional can be responsible for collecting materials and shipping them back to you or wherever designated. If needed, the bill can be reviewed for accuracy and paid for on your behalf. And lastly, while serving as your eyes and ears onsite, your meeting professional can provide you with a detailed recap of what transpired during the meeting including a review of the venue, the food, the attendees’ feedback and an overall sense of how successful the event was.

The decision to hire an on-site meeting professional will be beneficial to you simply because it can ultimately ensure the overall success of your event. Your partnership with your local meeting professional will prove to be one in which you have been serviced professionally and knowledgeably.

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  1. Matt

    Hiring a professional manager for your event is a must if you want an event that is carefully planned and not rushed.

    • Cara

      Hi Matt… thanks for taking the time to read our article.

  2. Lucy Smith

    Hey Cara, thanks for this amazing info. I couldn’t agree more with the second point you have mentioned. I have local staff which makes event planning like a piece of cake for me.
    As a event manager they made my job so much easier.

    • Cara

      Hi Lucy… I’m glad you enjoyed the article!


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